Hints & Tips

Below are some helpful tips to consider when planning your Wedding Photography.

  • Make a list of formal photos you want on the day
  • Try to keep this as limited as possible to perhaps the bridal party and close family/friends as this will free up more of your time to spend with your guests
  • Let the people on your list know they’re on your list
  • That way they will be prepared to be ready for their turn in the formal shots when called upon
  • Allocate someone to organise the people in your list in advance and call them to be ready
  • This will again speed up the flow for you if they can get them ready.
  • Best practice would be to capture shots with any children or older gusts first
  • Let us know any details you want photographed
  • You may have a special item such as a ring, watch, necklace etc. that you would like photographed to include in your album
  • Allow as much time after the ceremony until you and your guests are required to be seated for the meal
  • This will give you more time to get the shots you want, but also allow you time to relax and mingle with your family and friends
  • We can catch candid shots during this time once your formal shots and couple shots are captured
  • It also means you have that extra little bit of time just the two of you during the couple shots….you’ll be glad of that wee bit of time out alone!
  • Pre-Wedding meeting
  • We would always look to meet up to have a chat a few weeks before the wedding
  • If possible, it would be helpful if the allocated photo-call organiser person could come along too!